Configure DNS


Adding a new DNS record

Click on the "DNS Admin"> press "Add DNS record (according to the template)." Enter the domain name or subdomain that you want to create a record at.


FAQ - DNS records

Definition of records

A NAME - required destination IP address of the server to which it is addressed as domain.

The record @ A NAME is the primary record - therefore automatic subdomains address are without WWW .

With NAME records do not support slashes or protocol type record "server to server" and can not be used to indicate the path of the folder. It is used to redirect to another domain. If you want to redirect to a folder, we recommend you using "Forward" by the administration or collection of .htaccess via FTP or tag "meta refresh" in the HTML header.

For example: C NAME     *.waszadomena.xy. - directs all subdomains to the main undefined.

NS/NSSET record can not be set independently. It is used if you have a domain with us, but should be directed to a different hosting provider located in another web. The necessary settings are provided by your Webhoster.

Record instructions (PTR) -  supplied by your Internet provider. The exception is that you have a virtual server service with us.

After setting up redirection it is showing a blank page.

In this case, make sure that the redirection server is configured to receiver. You can check if the settings are correct using the command "Ping"

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DNS Configuration

(!) NS, NSSET - to change it, please contact us as you have administrative access rights.

It allows you to manage A NAME, C NAME, MX, SRV, TXT, SPF and others. 

Enter the "DNS Admin"> click on the existing record

(!) The creation of an incorrect entry, can damage your site.
(!) In the newly created entry in the "Datas" when you enter a domain name, make sure that the end is a mandatory period. Without this recording it will not operate.