Domény, subdomény, samostatné weby

How does the independent website functunate?

The Hosting Plan is divided into several smaller ones, which can be directed to your own domain or subdomain. The number of available places depend on the hosting plan.

How to add a domain?

Email us at Customer Support.

How to create a subdomain?

Log in Administration> Web pages> subdomain web page

Set shifting, along with the full path

DNS panel is to create a suitable entrance to the newly created domain.

How will it manage the subdomain / domain on the Internet?

If you've already added one(see how to add domain), then create a new Web domain and connect it to it.

What is a domain alias?

Alias ​​domain will be displayed in the same place as the main domain. Label application will be available if you have multiple domains and want to see all in one place.

To apply the settings for "WWW" subdomain for creation, remember to choose this option in the "Auto subdomain."

(!) This option is not recommended if you intend to use Secure payment for online purchase (SSL certificates). In this case, use .htaccess redirection or HTML meta refresh tag.

Web site> Add domain alias

Domain: enter the alias of domain
Main Web page: when entering the page, it will be directed to the same alias domain
Type Forward: Select 'No diversion "
Road divert: leave empty
Automatic subdomain: none/www
Activation: Yes

!- No diversion - not diverted - recommended settings
L - domain name redirection URL does not change (Last)
R - After some changes the domain name redirects URL to the browser and the target domain goes back to 302 - is moved permanently into account with all the other rules for moving
R, L - combination of the above rules, but redirection is stopped
No flag - redirects only to the specified address in the box below, the value appears in the browser