Configure e-mail

Create email

Log in to the administration web hosting at:


or at the address specified in the configuration mail sent during activation.

Before logging in, accept our signed certificate - it will be displayed as a warning, make sure that the certificate is indeed from us and it is real.

First, load the domain for e-mail account from Email Accounts> Domain

Then add individual mailboxes. Email Accounts> Mailbox> Add Mailbox

Name: used to identify you when you send from webmail. If you plan to use it , the e-mail client will be used.
E-mail: Enter the name for creating a mailbox, for example
: jan.nowak
Password: Enter your password
Quota: -1, without limitation, for Axfone Domain Parking is max 250
Send copy to: Send a copy to - enter e-mail
Spam Filter: It is included by default, but if you want to stop it then the spam will be filtered. If the filtering level is set to mail domain, it will be used automatically.
Enable: Yes
Disable of IMAP: Lack of information (remove the characters for enable the IMAP)
Disable of POP3: Lack of information (remove the characters for enable the pop3)
Click on Save.

  • (!) If you set the spam filter on the mail domain, then it is automatically applied to all e-mail boxes created under it.
  • (!) In the name of the email you should not use national characters, spaces and special characters, and the main characters will be interpreted as small.


Automatic answer

If you activate the automatic response, you can set it so that it sends over the period you specified. Use this if you will be unavailable for some time. This setting is available through the interface of the webmail.

Mail filter
Move spam emails into Junk folders: YES
Add Filter> it allows sorting or deleting inbox

Forwarding email

Forwarding an email to a certain selected mail address.

E-mail basket

Your email will collect all messages sent to your domain, even if you did not create a mailbox.

Obtaining external letters

It allows you to add the downloaded emails from other mailboxes. POP3 and IMAP receiving server.

Transfer of the email box

It shows the statistics of data transfer to an inbox email.

Create email

 Use the full name of the mailbox, for example jan.nowak@waszadomena.xy

password: your choice for guidance (by email tab> E-mail box) 
Incoming mail server: pop3.waszadomena.xy
Outgoing mail server: smtp.waszadomena.xy
Protection: no, only text
Other settings
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires your authentication: Yes
Use the same settings as the incoming mail server: Yes

Services for incoming and outgoing mails

pop3.waszadomena.xy port:110

(?) POP3 protocol is designed to work with post via e-mail. It was created so that one mail server is first downloaded to the e-mail client, and then deleted from the server. This action is typical for most email users.
see: Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail

For a secure connection, use:

pop3.waszadomena.xy Port: 995

imap.waszadomena.xy port:143

(?) IMAP on the other hand, is designed for managing multiple sites, the messages are saved on the server. E-mail client get headers downloaded. This is typical in business decisions. Deleting a message can only happen if the server is activated.

For a secure connection, use:

imap.waszadomena.xy port:993

Outgoing mail server:

smtp.waszadomena.xy port:25

For a secure connection, use:

smtp.waszadomena.xy port:465

(!) Most emails automatically determine the correct sport.


Can always be found at *


This is a basic but fast interface for managing mail.

The login name is the name of the mailbox set up for example:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The maximum size of attachments is limited to 15MB. To manage larger mailboxes is recommended to use e-mail client.

(!) *Not for VPS hosting, but you can find it here.

end faq